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D '. Le Roi Soleil - Tan Hoang Minh Quang An is combination of a hotel and condominium, situated in the most beautiful location on Quang An street. The project certainly will give residents a real, class and luxurious life style which is designed  European neoclassical style with full amenities such as public service buildings, international kindergarten. All of thing creates a perfect project which is the best choice for high society as well as investment in real estate for lease at D '. Le Roi Soleil.
D'. Le Roi Soleil_ Tan Hoang Minh
D' Le Roi Soleil
- Project name:  D’. Le Roi Soleil
- Location : No2, Dang Thai Mai - Tay Ho, Hanoi
- Area of land : 9,185 sqm
- Construction area : 4,046 sqm
- Total of floor: 87,672 sqm
- Total of basement: 129,630 sqm
- High of building : 86 sqm
- Total of number: 498 apartments
- Type of apartment: 5 different apartment, area of 83-333 sqm
- Number of floor: 25
- Number of basement: 5 
3rd- 11th floor plan
3rd- 11th floor plan
12th-19th floor
12th-19th floor plan
The Tan Hoang Minh Quang An apartments are intelligently designed, its logical layout will satisfy even almost all demanding customers. Inside the apartment is living space in harmony with natural light and wonderful views. The interiors of the apartments are sophisticated, the most luxurious, such as stones, metals, crystals. 
Outside in D' Le Roi Soleil
Outside in D' Le Roi Soleil
Commercial center
Commercial ceter
Swimming pool
Swimming pool
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