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Vinhomes Imperia apartment owns favourable position as well as landscape that get a lot of attention from investors. This one possesses surpassing advantage with modern design worthy owners which promises to become:’’ the most liveable in urban area’’ in Hai Phong city.
Vinhomes Imperia
Vinhomes Imperia
Location:  Near Thuong Ly river
+ Condominium speculator : Phu My real estate company
+ Construction consultancy: HICC Company
+  Contractor: Faros., construction corporation 
+ Monitoring company: Consultant Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment The flat of apartment in Vinhomes Imperia
High: 11 floor
Density: 11 apartments/floor
1 bedroom apartment: 56.3 sqm
2 bedroom apartment: 67.8 sqm
3 bedroom apartment: 128 sqm
4 bedroom apartment: 160 sqm
High: 32 floor
Number: 14 apartment/floor
1 bedroom: 44 sqm- 84.2 sqm
2 bedroom: 61 sqm- 78 sqm
3 bedroom: 84 sqm- 131 sqm
Vinhomes Imperia apartment  has sufficient amenities with 5 star standard including playground for children, 4 season swimming pool,  lake, green park, international school, commercial center, entertainment area.
Sport center
Sport center 
Commercial center
Commercial center
International school
International school