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Vinhomes Metropolis Lieu Giai  is a complex of offices, commercial  centers and condominium which belong to leading real estate brand inVietnam - Vinhomes as an investor. Located in the most prime location in the capital of Hanoi, in the position of intersection 3 District: Ba Dinh, Dong Da and Cau Giay, Vinhomes Metropolis is going to bring  residents luxurious, comfortable and classic lives.
apartment in vinhomes metropolis Lieu Giai
 Landscape of Metropolis 
Vingroup investor always brings residents  surpassed luxury living with economic power, strategic vision and leading reputation in Vietnam . 
- Located : No. 29 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
- In the north : next to the Embassy of Japan, very nice view of West Lake
- In the south:  view of Ngoc Khanh Lake
- In the east:  view of  the city center and  Giang Vo lake
- In the West : views Lotte Buildings and Thu Le Lake view
Location in vinhomes metropolis lieu giai
Location in Vinhomes Metropolis Lieu Giai
- Land area: 3.5 ha
- Apartment area: 204.507m2
- Office Area: 121.010m2
- Trade Center Area: 24.507m2
- Shophouse Area: 4.508m2
- The area of school: 15.071m2
- Nursery area: 4,000m2
- Basement: 4 floors interconnected with an area of 27.072m2 / 1 floor.
Vinhomes Metropolis has 2 high office buildings with 45 floors, 3 apartment buildings with 41 to 45 floors, 1 International school-  Vinschool. The project is designed 4 basement, 3 apartment buildings including sufficient luxury amenities such as commercial center, indoor pool , international clinic ...
The apartment building is designed  13 to 15 apartments on one floor, area of from 55 sqm to 146 sqm from  1 to 4 bedrooms. Most of the rooms has windows or loggia to catch natural light and air circulation.
Apartment Sky Villa: The 2-storey apartments own views of  panoramic in the city, void height up to 8m:
- 11 units (4 units with Pools)
- Area of 291.1sqm to 501.2 sqm
- M3 Building: 5 Apartments, 
- M2 Building: 6 Apartments (on  44th and 45th floor)
Penthouse apartment located on the 41th floor of M1building:
- 5 apartments (2 apartments with swimming pool)
- Area:  223.9 sqm to 284.4 sqm
Apartment in vinhomes metropolis
Apartment in vinhomes Metropolis 
Bathroom in vinhomes metropolis
Swimming pool
Swimming pool
Commerical center
Commercial center
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