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Vinhomes Skylake project is located at the intersection between two central roads: Pham Hung and Duong Dinh Nghe and possesses the frontal direction of the beautiful Cau Giay park. this "green lung" of the city, the project combines a scale of 2.3 ha directly benefiting a unique natural site 32 ha, including 19 ha of water surface area. Vinhomes Skylake  is the combined work between Aedas – leading brand consulting architecture and Vingroup – Vietnam's leading real estate investor, apply design standards of the "mansions" lakeside, at the same level as the building of the world-class. Vinhomes Skylake is not only a breakthrough in the apartment space, but also provides prosperous lives filled with internal and external facilities following the "all in one".
Vinhomes Skylake
Vinhomes Skylake
Delicacy and class is what the residents will experience when coming to  Vinhomes Skylake - Pham Hung apartments. With the extremely liberal and modern design, each luxury apartment in Vinhomes Sky Lake urban areas Pham Hung is guaranteed for the balance between modern and natural elements. The class facilities was built and equipped with the aim to bring good life to every Vietnamese family. 
The apartment in Vinhomes Skylake
Apartment in Vinhomes Skylake
- Scale: 3 apartment buildings: S1, S2, S3
- Total Apartments: More than 1800 units
- 3-storey commercial center, apartment starts from 4th floor
- Outdoor pool: 400m2
- Children's Pool: 100m2
- Lake: 32ha (expected completion in 2018)
- Building S1 and S2: The roof of the 4th floor of the building is designed to be Hanging Gardens and 2 Pools (same design of Vinhomes Metropolis)
- For the apartments overlooking the lake, large balconies are designed like a small  bedroom, so customers can design a garden or a cafe landscape.
- Number of floors: 36 floors
- Total number of apartments: 396 apartments
- Density: 12 apartments/ floors
- Number of lifts: 8 lifts
- Areas (From F4 - F21): 50.99m2 - 170.2m2
- Areas (From F22 - F36): Other areas - Number of floors: 41 floors
- Total number of apartments: 730 apartments
- Density: 20 apartments/ floors
- Number of lifts: 13 lifts
- Areas (From F4 - F22 and F24): 44m2 - 156m2
- Areas (From F40 – F41): 5 Penthouse and 10 villas. - Number of floors: 41 floors
- Total number of apartments: 729 apartments
- Density: 20 apartments/ floors
- Number of lifts: 13 lifts
- Areas (From F4 – F24): 47m2 - 158m2
- Areas (From F40 – F41): 4 Penthouse and 10 villas.
Apartment in Vinhomes Skylake
Apartment in Vinhomes Skylake
For high-end apartment project branded Vinhomes are equipped with perfect synchronization facilities. The future residents of Sky Lake Pham Hung is also expected to experience class facilities.  
♦ The school system: Inheriting and promoting science education, progressive domestic and foreign, international schools in the project promises to bring an educational environment with best international standards for children of Kids Vinhomes residents.
♦ Amusement park: Amusement park project is in accordance with both adults and children, so residents enjoy moments of relaxation. Parents can also have fun with their children to increase and foster family love.
♦ Commercial center: The luxury apartment projects of Vingroup always have commercial centers with full of products: fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, ... meet the needs of shopping - entertainment of residents. Vinhomes Skylake is not a exception.
Commercial center
Commercial center
International hospital- Mipec
Mipec international hospital
The amenities in Vinhomes Skylake
Amenities in vinhomes Skylake
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