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Vinhomes Times City was constructed basing on the idea about a modern urban with eco-friendly architecture of The Island Country-Singapore. It is the combination of luxury and high-class living space with full of utilities where you and your family can enjoy a comfort and perfect life.

Vinhomes Times City is located at Minh Khai street, Hai Ba Trung, at Hanoi Southeast maingateway;  less than 4 km far away from Sword Lake to the south (10 minutes driving);  nearby Vinh Tuy Bridge (no more than 1 km). Vinhomes Times City connects West gateway to city centre  by modern overhead highway.  Far from ecological tourisist area of  Vinh Hung about 1km. Vinhomes Times City has the most prime location among the projects have been implementing in the region

Times City apartments is expected to have  23-24 apartment buildings that are numbered differently from T1 - T12 and from T15 - T25 when being finished. Each building is 27-35 floors high. In particular, the buildings in South are higher than the buildings in North. The buildings in the West are the same in South.

Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Times City has various area: 52.5sqm, 53.2sqm, 53.4sqm, 73.5sqm, 75.2sqm, 82.1sqm, 82.8sqm, 86.9sqm, 87.2sqm, 90.1m1, 92.4sqm, 94.3m3, 94.4sqm, 95sqm, 97.5sqm , 99.5sqm, 103.1sqm, 107.3sqm, 108.6sqm, 108.7sqm, 109.2sqm, 110.3sqm, 114.4sqm, 116.7sqm so that they can meet different requirements of customers.

The apartments from T1 to T10 and T18 have been recently completed to  handover to customers.

Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Times City has from 1 to 4 bedrooms which are suitable for each family.


The urban complexes Times City Hanoi divided into several functional areas including : luxury apartments, high-class commercial center, giant park and entertainment, restaurants, the firstly biggest Aquarium in Hanoi, unique indoor skating rink, general hospital, multi-level schools, international standard kindergartens, string of green parks and large lakes across 100.000m2,…Times City became an important factor, wake up potential and contribute to change the face of south area of the capital and bring your family a young, modern and perfect life.

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