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Vinhomes Gallery Giang Vo project is invested and managed by Vietnam's leading real estate group - Vingroup, which is the project of luxury apartment for living. The project possesses a beautiful location with outstanding advantages will meet high-class living standards for residents living in the project. 

Lanscape of vinhomes gallery

Lanscape of vinhomes gallery

Overview of Vinhomes Gallery Giang Vo:
Name of project: Vinhomes Gallery Giang Vo
Investor: Vingroup combines T & T and Tan Hoang Minh
Project location: 148 Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Area: over 6.8 ha
Types of development at the project: Office, Commercial Center, Apartment, Officetel
Scale: updating
Apartment number: Updating
Estimated structure of the apartment: varied area designs: 1-5 bedroom
Time of construction: 20/10/2016
Expected handover date: Updating
Location of Vinhomes Apartment Gallery Giang Vo
Location of vinhomes gallery giang vo
Location of vinhomes gallery giang vo
Vinhomes Gallery is located at 148 Giang Vo Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. The location is considered as a prime location on the most beautiful road of Hanoi. This is also the heart of traffic of the capital, easy and convenient to move to the urban districts in the inner city.
From Vinhomes Gallery  to:
Hoan Kiem lake: 5km
Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh: 1.4km
Vinhomes Lieu Giai: 1.8km
Near Deawoo Hotel and Lotte Center

Outstanding utilities at the project

Like other Vinhomes projects of Vingroup investor, Vinhomes Gallery Giang Vo has a basic system of facilities. In addition, it has a system of extremely high-class facilities built inside the project. They are:
The green park surrounds the project
Vinschool: international school from kindergarten to high school
Four season pool
Vinmart Supermarket
Vinmec General Hospital
Trade Cente
Gym, Spa, ... etc
The design of vinhomes gallery giang vo
The design of vinhomes gallery giang vo
Swimming pool
Swimming pool
Full amenities
Full amenities
Vingroup's investor committed to bring customers the highest quality product line.
Due to Vingroup's investors with the financial strength and experience, Vinhomes Gallery Giang Vo project promises to bring great success in the property market.
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