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Design of D' El dorado Apartment, Tan Hoang Minh Lac Long Quan

(Updated: 5/19/2017 4:52:59 PM)

D'Eldorado project attracted the attention of many customers, not only attractive the domestic customers but also foreigners who want to rent for residence and working.

So, why do you not possess your own the most worth living apartments?
Apartment in D'. El dorado
People always have difficulty to find apartments which is affordable design as well as reasonable price. To meet above elements of the apartment in D' El dorado. Tan Hoang Minh investor can satisfy sufficiently demands for residents
The living room
The living room 
Interior design in Tan Hoang Minh Lac Long Quan
The first is that the interior is designed in modern style with purpose of optimal design that is convenient for use. The smallest detail was designed elaborately, but not too messy or cluttered. It is luxury apartments, offices with suitable area, fine texture that bring to class to owner. Especially, the design style of Tan Hoang Minh apartment project in the European style, which is suitable for foreigner or upper class.
Besides, the interior is built in a neo- classical manner, harmony between the air and natural light. The owner of the apartments for rent in D'Eldorado will feel the full definition of "luxury" that Tan Hoang Minh investors always look forward to.
The bedroom
The bedroom
When it coming to D’ el dorado apartments for lease, anyone all feel interesting in this place with a healthy living space, favorable position in the middle of the capital. In addition, the first hometel apartment type is combination between Home and Hotel that makes you feel comfortable as your home and the quality is no less than hotel. Moreover, the customer not only possess apartment for resident but also want to invest for business. With area of 38 sqm to 109 sqm, up to 70 % apartments have a nice view overlooking West Lake, therefore, nobody wants to miss ideal apartment.