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Vinhomes Gardenia is the first project of Vingroup implemented at western area of Hanoi located on advantage position both transport and infrastruture
Vinhomes Gardenia
Vinhomes Gardenia
- Address:  Ham Nghi street, Cau Dien ward, Nam Tu Lien
 district, Hanoi
- Northwest: Adjacent K2 road, view towards Nhue river
- Southeast: Adjacent to N4 street, view toward residence area in Cau Dien 
- Northeast: Adjacent Ham Nghi, view toward 32 highway and low-rise residential area
- Southwest: Adjacent N9 road, view toward Thang Long highway and My Dinh stadium
Scale of Vinhomes Gardenia
- The total of Vinhomes Gadenia area : 17,63 ha
- The area of low-rise area: over 53.200 sqm
- High- rise area: over 16.400 sqm
- Building density: 31% 
- Green space: 121.000 sqm
Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh was designed 3 condomiunium tower including A1, A2, A3 and semi-detached, villas, shophouse. A1 and A2- 37 floors, A3 – 39 floors,
Vị trí Vinhomes Gardenia

Shophouse is designed smartly with facade of 5 sqm, area of 99sqm/unit which is serviced as restaurant, English centers, stores, etc. Shophouse is built neo-classical architecture style  with aim of business and residence  Designed luxuriously, shophouse will creat a majestic living space and modern.

Shophouse consistes of 172 units

Land area: 88.5 sqm – 262.7 sqm

Constructed area: 73 sqm – 190 sqm

High: 4.5 floors

Located on 3 luxurious condominium tower the Arcadia A1, A2, A3, shophouse in B15,16,17,18 will be sufficiently inherited utility in high- rise area

The amenities of Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh
- Vinschool International 
- Entertainment area 
- General hospital
- Gym, sport center, outside pool 
Khu vui chơi giải trí
Entertainment area 
Phòng tập Gym
Phòng tập Gym 
Bể bơi ngoài trời
Outside pool
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