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My Phuoc Industrial Park

(Updated: 7/22/2019 4:27:33 PM)

Industrial Investment and Development Corporation - One member Company Limited (Becamex IDC)


My Phuoc Industrial Park



Industrial Investment and Development Corporation - One member Company Limited (Becamex IDC)

* Management office:

  • Address: My Phuoc Ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong
  • Tel: (0274) 3822 655 - 3811 777; Fax: (0274) 3822 713 - 3811 666
  • Email: [email protected] - [email protected]
  • Website: -



Ben Cat


Binh Duong


Ben Cat, Binh Duong

  • Distance to :
  • - Ben Thanh Market: 41.19 Km
  • - Mien Dong Coach Station: 37.09 Km
  • - Cat Lai Port: 46.24 Km
  • - Thanh Phuoc Port: 22.60 Km
  • - Binh Duong Port: 36.30 Km
  • - Thu Dau Mot Market: 17.78 Km
  • - Nha Be Petroleum Port: 50.85 Km
  • - Cai Mep Petec Oil Port: 80.68 Km
  • - Moc Bai Gate: 47.19 Km
  • - Tan Son Nhat International Airport: 35.30 Km
Policies to attract investment


Industrial Park is located very convenient transportation, located on Highway 13, in the region of an important gateway for trade between South East and Central Highlands.


Scope of investment


Electronics industry, production of machinery, equipment and spare parts of industrial power and electrical appliances. Electronic industry, information technology, telecommunications. Light Industry: toys, imitation jewelry, garments, footwear, ceramic products, glass, crystal. Storage. Processing and export of consumer goods (food, instant noodles). Mechanical processing industries such as manufacturing, assembling watches, equipment, optical instruments. Mechanical sector, repair machinery, mechanical construction. Industrial production wooden handicraft exports, office equipment, hotel, home decor. Plastics, metals, household appliances.


List of customers


YAZAKI EDS Viet Nam corporation (Japan), KIRIN BEVERAGE coporation (Japan), KUBOTA corporation (Japan), TOYO SEIKAN corporation (Japan), KAISER timber production corporation (Taiwan), TATUNG electronic Group , TECO group (Taiwan)


Total area

376.92 Ha



Complete infrastructure system. Good services of: bankings, fire-fighten, security, super markets, schools, houses for professors and workers, restaurants... right in IP


Land Usage Structure


Type of land Area(ha) Ratio(%)
Land for construction of factories 234,9848 62.34
Land for construction of public service works 41,2957 10,96
Land for construction of key technical infrastructure works 1,9757 0.52
Land of tree 54,445 14.44
Land transport 44,2224 11,73
Land for construction of factories 234,9848 62.34
TOTAL 376,9236 100




Tropical equatorial nature, year-round temperatures, high humidity and abundant light source.


Traffic Network

Fully done internal road system: - Roadway: 25-62m wide - Loading capacity: 40-60T Besides, 35km – My Phuoc-Tan Van highway with 6 lanes had been ongoing since 2008, linking My Phuoc IP to the southern key economic zone, makes conveniences to transport from My Phuoc to big seaport and airport with only 25 mins and 70% of other available costs.

Electricity supply system

500MAV substations and 22 kV national grid supply to the boundary of the lots.

Water supply system


Sewage treament

Focus wastewater treatment plant with the capacity at 16.000 m3 /day ,

Telecommunication system

System of telecommunications cables were installed completely to the fence of enterprises, ensuring to provide telecommunications services including telephone, fax, ADSL

Public ultilities


Becamex IDC has invested to build 02 housing experts and employees of the company



45.00 USD/M2

Electricity tariff

according to EVN's price

Water tariff

Under the current provisions of the PPC