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Vinhomes Imperia project is very hot on the property market in Hai Phong belonging to Vinhomes – the famous brand, and is expected to bring a new wind in the luxury property market in Hai Phong city with class living space and various perfect facilities. Vinhomes Imperia Haiphong  is invested and built on a large scale by Vingroup, showing the potential of one of the the most attractive market in the northern area. The project will be the convergence of these facilities and class services, deserve the class of future owners.
Villas in Vinhomes Imperia
Villas in Vinhomes Imperia
Situated in a prime location overlooking the river Cam, Riva City villas are a quiet, class and convenient living space for the residents.
The design of the Vinhomes Imperia is made by Humphrey & Partners (US) company who is one of famous designer in the world. With the goal of becoming a green urban center along the river and a leading entertainment center in Haiphong city in particular and the North in general, the architects are designing a modern and luxurious style giving an individual and unique beauty.
Not only do the Vinhomes Imperia villas have a neoclassical and romantic beauty with exquisite architectural lines, but also overlook rivers. This is also an ideal venue for meetings or parties with family and friends on weekends.
In addition to green luxury living space, the Vinhomes Imperia project is also expected to give customers the diversified utilities, perfectly to meet needs in their future.
Vinhomes Imperia is sufficiently amenities such as : commercial center with many famous brands and class entertainment areas; Vinmart supermarket which also one of the facilities are expected to be available in the project, with tens of thousands of items and necessities. The supermarket is going to meet the shopping needs of daily living for residents. In addition, the project is anticipated  to build a multi-functional sports complex, the luxurious restaurant with Eurasian dishes. There are also facilities such as a playground for children, international schools, international hospitals, ...
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