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Vinhomes Riverside the Harmony is a combination  between the nature and humans, located on the most luxurious urban area in the heart of Hanoi . The Harmony possesses various type of residence with meticulously designed and tranquil living space including detached villas, semi detached villas and shophouse. The Harmony is anticipated to become the most perfect urban area in upper strata.
Vinhomes Harmony villas
Vinhomes Harmony Villas
- The total number of villas: 687 villas
- Detached villas: 328 villas
+Villas VIP1 ( 300-350 sqm) includes 225 deteched villas, view of Bang Lang area
+ Villas VIP ( 250- 300 sqm) includes 103 detached villas, view of Anh Dao area
+ Area of Detached villas: 250-350 sqm
- Semi-detached villas: 221 villas
            + Area: 200 sqm – 250 sqm, view of Bang Lang area
- Quadridetached villa: 138 villas
+Area : 160 sqm to 200 sqm 
The Harmony detached villa
The Harmony detached villas are in one of the most unique, poetic and central positions in the project, which is designed in neoclassical style with low construction density, guarantee for private lives of owners  with 4-layer security systems
♦ Number: 328 units
♦ Size: 250-350m2
Detached villas vinhomes harmony
Detached villas
The Harmony Semi- detached villas
The Harmony semi-detached  villas are designed as ecological urban area. The villas do not only have the ideal space and neoclassical design but also converge 5 stars facilities standard 
The Harmony quadridetached villas are designed with open spaces whose gardens in the front and side of the villas..
Semi detached vinhomes Harmony
Semi-detached villas
The Harmony Quadridetached villas
Quadrideteched villas
Quadri detached villas
Future residents of The Vinhomes Harmony Riverside will inherit a complete facility system here, which are: Vinmec Hospital, 4 season pool, 2 football fields, 6 tennis courts, modern Vincom Long Bien commercial center, conference center and Almaz international cuisine, reputable school system: Preschool Vinschool, International School BIS , international standard golf course, unique Jurassic Park, supermarkets, 4-layer security system.
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